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Strickly Salsa

Since 1978 the Gomez Family has been recognized as a pioneer in the Toronto Latin Entertainment industry for infusing their love and passion for dance into their performances. They have showcased their talent at Massey Hall for the concert of Tito Puente the king of Salsa, Johnny Pacheco the producer of Fania Allstar , the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz concert, the musical A Rose for Mr. Tango choreographed by renowed Argentian choreographer Juan Carlos Copes and the Tango Vive production. This infectious passion for dance was the legacy passed on to Albert J. Gomez.

Albert, with the vision of showcasing the richness of the Latin culture both in North America and abroad, founded Strickly Salsa Dance Company in 1999, which allowed him to merge his obsession with the high energy dips, tricks and flips of the dance, with his love for music and entertaining.

Strickly Salsa quickly began to live up to its vision when Albert organized a group of talented dancers in the city to attend and participate in the 2000 Salsa Convention in Los Angeles, California. The group made its mark as the first salsa dance company in Toronto to represent Latin talent at an international Salsa event. This event also showcased the talent of Strickly Salsa's newest and youngest addition - Ronald Gomez.

To date the Gomez Family and Strickly Salsa, have been invited to travel to many international locations such as the United States, Caribbean Islands, South America, and as far away as Russia to share their passion and knowledge of Latin dancing culture. They have performed for hundreds of private functions for corporate events including: The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Film Festival, Tele-Latino Network, Canada Day at Queen's Park, Oro Solido concert and Victor Manuel concert, to name a few. Strickly Salsa at its members have also assisted with the dance choreography and played the double for the film Tuxedo starting Jackie Chan, and have been credited as dancer and actress for the movie Take the Lead starting Antonio Banderas. Strickly Salsa has also appeared in television series like Wild Card starting Rae Don Chon, and commercials for: Procrit, McDonald's and Malox.

Their speed, high energy and creative combinations have won them recognition from Tele-Latino, Toronto Sun, CFMT, Toronto Star, and World Salsa Congress of Puerto Rico. As well, Insight Productions, who also produce the Canadian Idol show, produced a tv special documentary about dance in Toronto and they recognized Albert J. Gomez as a Salsa Legend in Toronto. In addition they were presented with a certificate for being "the best performers and instructors" by Ethnic Press Council, presented by the City of Toronto Mayor.

Strickly Salsa, working with casting directors, and event planners and co-coordinators, remains focused on the future as it expands its services to provide the ultimate source of Latin entertainment. From Bands to DJ's, to Salsa to Tango: Strickly Salsa Dance Company, a mix of Latin entertainment.

Strickly Salsa

Desde 1978 la familia Gomez siendo reconocida como la pionera en Toronto en la indutria de entretenimiento latino impulsando su amor y pasion por el baile en sus espectaculos. Sus prestigiososs espectaculos en el Massey Hall para el concierto de: Tito Puente y Jhony Pacheco, El concierto de Celia Cruz la Reina de la Salsa, para el musical una Rosa para el Senor Tango producida por Carlos Copes y la produccion de Tango Vive. Este legado de pasion y amor por el baile fue transimitido a Albert J. Gomez.

Albert, con la vision de demostrar su riqueza por la cultura latina dentro y fuera de norte america, fundo la Compania Strickly Salsa en 1999, que le permitio a el fusionar su amor, pasion y obsecion por el baile con sus pasos, combinaciones, trucos y acrobacias para brindar entretenimiento.

Strickly Salsa rapidamente comenzo ha a vivir su vision cuando Albert organizo un grupo de bailerines talentosos en la ciudad para atender y perticipar en el congreso de la Salsa en los Angeles California en el ano 2000, el grupo hizo su marca como la primera compania en Toronto para representar al Talento Latino en un evento internacional de Salsa . Este evento tambien presento al nuevo integrante y al mas joven Ronald Gomez.

Hasta el dia la familia Gomez Strickly Salsa, han sido invitados a asistir a locales internacionales que incruyen: los Estados Unidos, las Islas del Caribe, Sud America e incluso a Rusia para compartir su pasion y conocimientos del baile y la cultura Latina.

Ellos se han presentado a cientos de funciones privadas hastas eventos corporativos incluyendo: en el Estadio de los Toronto Blue Jays, El Festival de Filmacion de Toronto, Tele -Latino Network, El Aniversario de Canada en el Parlamento de Gobierno, El concierto de Oro Solido y de Victor Manuel, por mencionar algunos. Tambien ellos han bailado y asistido en la coriografia de filmes entre estas: Jackie Chan's Tuxedo, Antonio Banderas Take the Lead, la seria de television Wild Card protagonizada por Rae Don Chon, y comerciales para McDonald's y Malox.

Su velocidad, explosiva energia y combinaciones creativas han sido reconocidas por Tele-Latino, diario Toronto Sun, cadena de television CFMT, diario Toronto Star y el Congreso Mundial de la Salsa de Puerto Rico. Tambien los directores de Insight Productions, la compania mas prestigiosa de filmacion en Canada, producieron un documental de television sobre la danza en Toronto y dieron el reconocimiento a Albert J. Gomez como una Leyenda dentro del Mundo Artistico en Toronto-Canada , y otorgaron un certificado como el mejor presentador e instructor del baile Latino por el Ministro de Cultura .

Strickly Salsa, continua trabajando con directores de casting, operadores y coordinadores de eventos, seguimos enfocados para seguir adelante en el futuro y expandir nuestros servicios como fuente de entretenimiento latino. Desde bandas a diskjeys, desde Salsa a Tango: Strickly Salsa Company, a mix of Latin Entertainment.

Back to our roots

Albert J. Gomez
The creative force behind Strickly Salsa

Born in Toronto-Canada, with Ecuadorian roots, Albert J. Gomez was introduced to salsa at an early age by his uncle whose passion and love for the dance was infectious. He trained and started his professional dance career with his uncle in his mid teens where they coordinated events, instructed, performed and produced Latin entertainment events across the city and at their own night club in Toronto. Hungry to expand his Latin dancing skills, he studied with many ballroom dance instructors across the city as well as with several leading performing arts schools. To incorporate a more global style to his dance he went on to study with many well known dance instructors in the Salsa industry in New York, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and Cuba. With a University degree in Information Technology and International Business diploma and in-classroom certificate, Albert J. also possesses the business expertise that provides the foundation for the company.

In 1999, Albert J. Gomez opened his own dance company and studio, Strickly Salsa with the vision of showcasing the richness of the Latin culture both in North American and abroad. The company name evolved from his obsession with the high energy dips, tricks and flips of the dance, hence the spelling - S"trick"ly of the company name.

In 2002, Albert J. Gomez organized and produced Spring Madness sponsored by Travel Edge, Tele-Latino Network, The Puerto Rican Tourism Board, The Toronto Blue Jays, The Lung Association, The Power Cheerleading association, and Phlipcyde Urban Sportswear Company. The show brought together many talented performers in Latin dance (Salsa, Mambo, and Samba) and music, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Breaking, R&B, under one roof.

Later in 2002, Albert J. was recognized by the World Salsa Congress as "one of the best instructors" and was asked to teach and perform at the congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Albert J. has been choreographing dance moves for many opening acts in the Latin music industry including Sonora Caruseles, Grupo Gale, Oro Solido, Grupo Gale, Victor Manuel, Oscar D'Leon, and much more, as well as for the television series "Wild Card" (starring Rae Dawn Chong),Buenos Muchachos television series in Ecuador, a dance video for Abigail. As well he has acted as Artistic Director for Cineframe's "Salsa Heat" instructional DVD, executive producer for "My World", Nancy Di Nino DVD biography, and has Directed and Produced Strickly Salsa DVD biography and sample demonstrations. Albert J. has also organized and coordinated numerous festivals and corporate events across the province, performing with his dance company for the Boards of Director of CIBC, Royal Bank, Scotia bank, Sprint Canada, Loblaws, GUILD and Fairview Cadillac to mention a few. Albert J. and Strickly Salsa have also entertained at large community and sports events such as The Toronto Blue Jays Latin day, Latin Carnival at Ontario Place, Latin Day at Canada's Wonderland, CNE as well as Canada Day at Queen's Park. Albert J. is currently working with the Insight productions, producers of the television show Canadian Idol, to produce a television documentary on Albert J. and is dancing career with Strickly Salsa for the television special, Toronto Dances in June and July 2005.

Strickly Salsa continues to grow in popularity with the leadership and creative energy of Albert J. Gomez; which has earned him the respect and recognition of the Salsa community. His extensive dance background and training, experience in teaching and his performing, choreographing and producing skills have earned him that respect. However, it is also because Albert J.'s creativity and vision has created the very unique style of Strickly Salsa and continues to shape its creative direction.

Ronald Gomez
The legacy continues

Ronald Gomez has showcased his talent and passion across North America and the Caribbean Islands at salsa events, festivals, private and corporate events such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Miss Toronto Pageant, Niagara Falls Casino, Latin Day at Ontario Place to name a few. As well he has participated in Television/Film shoots for the Abigail Dance video, Carnaval for TeleLatino Network, Toronto Dances (a special television documentary on his brother Albert) for Insight Productions, and has done opening acts for Oro Solido, Sonora Carruseles, and Oscar D'Leon.

Ronald is the future of the Gomez legacy: to continue showcasing the richness of the Latin culture and passion for the dance to audiences through his own artistic expression as a performer, instructor, educator and events coordinator.


Did you know? #5
Albert J. Gomez was the dance choreographer for episode 103 for the television series "Wild Card"
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