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Highlights of our achivements...

In July 2002, Albert J. Gomez was scouted to teach a workshop "With the best instructor" in San Juan Puerto Rico for the World Salsa Congress Produced by All Star Entertainment

Albert J. Gomez was the dance choreographer for episode 103 for the television series "Wild Card"

Strickly Salsa performed in centre field at Skydome for three consecutive years for the home opening games for the Toronto-Blue Jays in the Latin Night events from 2000 to 2002

Strickly salsa's Ronald Gomez was on the front cover of Picante Express in July 22, 2001

Producers for the television show "Canadian Idol" did a television documentary on Albert J. Gomez and his dancing career with Strickly Salsa for the television special, Toronto Dances, in June 2005

Albert J. Gomez appeared and performed for the television show called "Buenos Muchachos", the number one television show in Ecuador on April 2005


Testimonial #7
"Un completo show artistico con la participacion de "Strickly Salsa" compuesto por la pareja de bailarines Albert J. Gomez y Natalli Reznick, Quienes se llucieron haciendo acrobaticos movimientos al compas de una movida salsa, presentacion que logro muchos aplusos."
El Popular Newspaper, pg12, Tuesday, July 20, 2004
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